We visited Vegvisir last week to get to know the company and find out what their plans are for the future



In combat maneuvers, it is vitally important to have the widest possible view in order to spot the lurking enemy, but on the other hand, not to endanger your own fighters. Estonian-Croatian start-up Vegvisir has come up with a solution that helps with all of the above and much more.

They have developed a situational awareness system based on augmented reality, which aims to increase the visibility of the armored team on the battlefield using cameras mounted on the machine, a headset with ultra-low latency and additional data layers that can be integrated into the system. In this way, the team can get a 360-degree overview of what is happening in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. What makes the product unique is that to ensure the success of the combat mission, the movement of the image must be instantaneous, if there is any delay, there will also be nausea. It’s technically very difficult to do, but they’ve done it.

We visited them last week to get to know the company and find out what their plans are for the future. Among other things, we learned that the product has been tested by more than 100 military personnel in both Estonia and Croatia. Vegvisir’s biggest goal is to reach Ukraine with its product, where such a virtual reality solution would provide technical superiority over the enemy. Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association is working to bring together the makers of this unique solution with those who need it the most, the work is ongoing both in the direction of Ukraine and with several other partners.