About Cluster

Estonian Defence and Security Industry Innovation Cluster was first established in 2012. The new Defence Estonia Cluster was launched in 2024 and has currently 21members.

Defence Estonia Cluster is a network for international cooperation and export to enhance the cooperation between Estonian companies, R&D institutions and clients (triple helix). Cluster and its members participate in international projects and programs to increase export capability and sales of the Estonian companies on the defence and security markets.

The aim of the Defence Estonia Cluster is to promote innovation in the defence and security industry and to develop new and highly competitive products and services for export. The Clusters’ target is to increase the export volume of Estonian defence and security industry tenfold by the year 2030.

From beginning of 2023 Defence Estonia Cluster has silver label of the European Cluster Excellencethe internationally recognised quality label.

Defence Estonia Cluster has five focus areas


developing necessary skills and know-how


improving export performance


cooperation with R&D Institutions, business development and participation in international projects and programs


developing new financing sources for companies


creating a positive image of the Sector and boosting its visibility

If you are interested to become a member, please write infodefence.ee.

Members & Partners