The CEO of EKTL Kalev Koidumäe visited Vikerraadio’s studio



Due to the situation in Ukraine, the defense industry has gained momentum in the last two years and the demand for defense industry products has increased exponentially. Last Friday, the CEO of EKTL Kalev Koidumäe visited Vikerraadio’s studio, where he spoke about the progress of Estonian defense industry companies.

Among other things, the contribution of domestic defense industry companies in helping Ukraine was discussed. Koidumäe pointed out that DefSecIntel Solutions, which was awarded the title of defense industry company of the year, has been the most prominent in this area.

“If we look in the direction of Ukraine, the innovation there, was how to use the means in civilian circulation to fulfill our military goals and tasks, starting with side platforms and ending with various apps that helped ensure control,” added Koidumäe. It can be seen that the demand has grown for unmanned systems, sensor technologies, software solutions, as well as observation and situational awareness systems, all of which are represented in the portfolio of EKTL companies today.

Listen to the episode here: