MoD calls on Estonian companies to develop new products



The Ministry of Defence of Estonia is allocating more than EUR 500,000 for the development of innovative products with high export potential through its competition for defence industry development projects.

There is no set theme for the 2021 competition for development projects, although smart new solutions involving, for example, artificial intelligence applications, cryptography, data analysis and automation, development of counter-drone technologies, and applications of 5G technology are expected to compete.

According to Eneli Saabas, Chief Defence Industry Officer at the Ministry of Defence, the aim of the competition is to contribute to the development of an Estonian defence industry that is strong, provides high added value, and is export-capable.

‘Many of today’s success stories and new companies within Estonia’s defence industry have grown out of the defence innovation competiton, which, with the support of the state, have gone from a mere idea to real export transactions, growing both the domestic defence industry and contributing to the economy’, said Saabas.

Saabas noted that the uniqueness of the competition lies in the possibility to develop and test a product in cooperation with the Defence Forces, including the Estonian Military Academy.

‘The military expertise and knowledge of the Defence Forces provides the company with the necessary feedback during product development, along with greater confidence that the product will meet the needs of potential end users and that it is applicable in the field of defence’, said Saabas.

The competition has a budget of up to EUR 600,000. The support of the Ministry of Defence for one development project can be 25-45 per cent of the total cost, depending on the size of the applicant company.

The competition is taking place for the eighth consecutive year. In previous years, the Ministry of Defence has allocated a total of EUR 2.35 million for the development of outstanding defence industry projects.

The application must be submitted by 31 January 2021, at the latest.

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