LINDANTE Ltd. manufactures blackout covers for Estonian Defence Forces vehicles



The war in Ukraine shows that the course of the war will increasingly be decided by the imagery obtained by drones and remote sensing devices, making camouflage and the concealment of equipment of crucial importance.

Concealment is not only about camouflaging the combatants, but also about camouflaging the equipment and weaponry. Estonian company LINDANTE Ltd., formerly known as the leather factory Linda (established in 1920), manufactures just such blackout covers for Estonian Defence Forces vehicles. In addition, the company makes combat medic backpacks, which are also used in Ukraine, special military winter gloves and replaces worn-out seat covers on Defence Forces vehicles.

We visited their production facility to discuss how EKTL membership has impacted on their company and saw some of the new and exciting product developments that we hope will soon be in use in the defence forces.