Here in Tallinn, the Nordic Shelter manufactures tailor-made integrated mobile shelters and container solutions



We have talked about the significance of the rear several times – the greater the preparation and the ability to be operational and mobile, the greater the advantage over the enemy. Staying in one place for a long period of time increases the chances of the enemy spotting your location. In order to quickly relocate backline services close to the frontline and have everything you need at your fingertips and within reach, Norwegian-based company Nordic Shelter has come up with a clever solution.

Here in Tallinn, the company manufactures tailor-made integrated mobile shelters and container solutions, mainly for military and industrial use. Their product range includes a variety of container and shelter options, from command posts and ammunition storage to medical units and accommodation, which can withstand and provide protection in the harshest weather conditions.

We must continue to acknowledge that EKTL members’ products are renowned and appreciated for their innovation and quality, as evidenced by the fact that Nordic Shelter’s mobile solutions are in use around the world.