Estonian Defence Industry Companies Made History in EDIDP Calls



Estonian defence industry companies were successful in the calls of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP). Cybernetica, DefSecIntel Solutions, Milrem Robotics, GT Cyber ​​Technologies and the Estonian Military Academy are participating in projects with a grant of more than 10 million euros.

The European Union will invest €500 million in defence research and development in 2019-2020 through the European Defence Industrial Development Programme and almost €8 billion in 2021-2027 through the European Defence Fund (EDF). As a milestone, it is the first time that Estonia’s defence research and development will receive support from the EU’s common budget.

The projects that have been successful in the competition cover various fields. The Estonian company Milrem Robotics leads the industrial group in the project for the development of Unmanned Ground Systems; also, GT Cyber ​​Technologies from Estonia and as the research institution the Estonian Military Academy is involved. The consortium includes companies from seven EU Member States, including France, Germany and Finland.

The consortium of the project for the creation of a prototype for a military cyber situational awareness platform is led by a Spanish company, and Cybernetica from Estonian companies participates. A project is also being funded to develop strategic and operational management systems, with GT Cyber ​​Technologies from Estonia participating in a consortium led by a Spanish company.
The consortium for financing the development of surveillance and intelligence solutions is led by an Italian company, and the Estonian company DefSecIntel Solutions, which develops image processing based on artificial intelligence and automatic object detection, is participating.

According to Taavi Veskimägi, Chairman of the Council of the Defence Industry Association (EDIA), the success of theEstonian companies in the European Defence Industrial Programme proves the viability of our companies and their ability to make a successful breakthrough on the global stage. “The total support of more than 10 million euros will make a significant contribution to further development of new technologies offered by the Estonian defence industry and thus also contribute to the growth of Estonia’s defence capability,” said Veskimägi. According to Veskimägi, participation in joint projects provides companies with valuable cooperation experience and an opportunity to enter the supply chain of large companies and increase the exports of the Estonian defence industry sector.

Established in February 2009 the EDIA brings together more than a hundred companies covering all essential areas of the defence industry. The Association aims to create better opportunities in the market of defence-related services and goods of the companies belonging to the association and to be a strategic partner for the Estonian state to strengthen Estonia’s defence capabilities and contribute to economic development.

The Defence Industry Association is a member of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.


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