EKTL visited the Wayren to meet its makers and see the products



Communication and rapid information exchange are often of vital importance in a crisis situation, but on the battlefield networks can be disrupted or overloaded, which makes communication difficult.

Estonian company Wayren is developing a data exchange platform that allows exchanging data even in the most difficult situations without having to worry about the availability of an internet connection. Combining land, sea, air, space and cyberspace assets into a single information space can be a complex undertaking. The platform allows information to flow between different domains, resulting in greater situational awareness, planning and coordination capabilities. The product is not only intended for the field of national defense and is an important tool in crisis situations and increases safety and efficiency in energy, maritime and other industries operating in difficult conditions. According to the start-up, the Internet of Things (IoT) sector also often faces problems due to uneven internet connection.

We visited the company to meet its makers and see the products. Among other things, we learned that the product has been tested both in Ukraine and in Estonia, by Harju malev. This year, Wayren also received support in the competition of the Ministry of Defense’s defense industry development projects and the EAS applied research program.