EKTL visited the Go Craft to see their services



In a modern society, professional defence forces can focus only on their core function, as a very strong backstop system has been developed to ensure that military technology runs smoothly.

Go Craft, a domestic company, is a leading manufacturer and maintainer of military machinery and heavy vehicles. Their services include armoured vehicle conversions, integration of various equipment and systems, engineering solutions, maintenance and repair of military equipment and all related services. The company has been cooperating with the Estonian Defence Forces since 2015, and in 2021 entered the field of armoured vehicles – fulfilling what is historically the largest national order for the Estonian defence industry. This will involve the conversion of the CV90 support armoured vehicle into eight different modifications, such as an engineer vehicle, an anti-tank vehicle, an anti-aircraft vehicle, a command vehicle, etc. This will be the largest project in the history of the European armoured vehicle industry. GoCraft will also rebuild the K9 mobile turrets in service with the Estonian Defence Forces, which will be upgraded with our Defence Forces communication systems and adapted to the climate and operating conditions.

Estonia’s first privately-owned military weapons repair and production facility, which we had the opportunity to see with our own eyes, has been built for the modification of armoured vehicles equipped with weapon systems.