EKTL and the NATO DIANA Accelerator hosted a Demo Day



Yesterday, 22 May, EKTL and the NATO DIANA Accelerator hosted a Demo Day to introduce domestic and foreign investors to the latest cutting-edge developments in the defence industry. The demo day, organised as part of the Latitude59 programme of the Technology Conference, showcased the latest technological solutions from 12 Estonian companies whose products are geared towards meeting both Estonian and NATO defence needs. Several of them are already very actively contributing to support the Ukrainian army in its war with Russia. Estonia’s defence industry is a fast-growing sector whose success is based on innovation and continuous technological development. The cooperation between EKTL and the NATO DIANA Accelerator is a significant step that highlights the role of the Estonian defence industry in the international context.

The demo day was attended by 12 EKTL members: ASAX Innovation, Bristol Trust, DefSecIntel Solutions, GScan, KrattWorks, Marduk Technologies, MDSC Systems, Nordic Armoury, SensusQ, Vegvisir, Wayren and Milrem Robotics.

EKTL is grateful to all the participants, together we proved that Estonian companies are ready to provide innovative solutions that not only meet today’s security needs, but also create solutions for the future.