At the General Assembly on Wednesday 12 June, the new strategy of the EKTL was presented



At the General Assembly on Wednesday 12 June, the new strategy of the EKTL was presented, the Council was re-elected, the annual report for 2023 was approved and the new Defence Industry Fund was introduced.

The General Assembly re-elected three members of the Council, out of a total of four nominations. Based on the election results, Taavi Veskimägi, formerly a member of the Council, and Tarmo Ränisoo, from CGI and former CEO of the Union and representative of SensusQ, Marko Kaseleht, will continue as new members.

An important topic at the general meeting was the presentation of the new strategy. According to EKTL’s CEO, the strategy focuses on strengthening the organisation’s position in international markets, promoting innovation and expanding cooperation at both national and international level. This includes new initiatives to support the growth and competitiveness of member companies. Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology Tiit Riisalo introduced at the General Assembly the new Estonian Defence Industry Investment Fund, which aims to support the development of Estonian defence industry companies and increase their capabilities in the global marketplace. The fund aims to create new opportunities for innovation and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

It is a pleasure to note that the export volume of the Estonian defence industry is growing steadily, having increased by 70% compared to 2022.