A cooperation agreement between the EKTL and the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine was signed yesterday



A cooperation agreement between the Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association and the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine was signed yesterday. With the conclusion of the agreement, the current already successful cooperation will be continued on an even larger scale. Within the framework of such cooperation Estonian defence industry companies have been contributing to the development of Ukraine’s defence capability for some time already.

Ten Estonian defence industry companies are already operating in Ukraine, offering various capabilities, from sensors and observation devices to unmanned platforms and field hospitals. In cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 40+ different positions have been developed, considering Ukraine’s specific needs and requests.

So far, cooperation with Ukraine has taken place by working directly with specific subdivisions or through international partners. The new agreement gives the Estonian defence industry direct access to the institutions of the Ukrainian state, strengthening the bilateral relationship. The signed agreement covers both technology development and its transfer. This opens the doors for better access to Ukrainian defence industry partners.

Photos: Tairo Lutter, Stanislav Moshkov