Last week we visited Spacedrip to take a look at the production, get to know the company and discuss future plans



Water is the most precious resource on our planet, but only less than 1% of it is suitable for immediate consumption in the world. However, due to the development of industries and the growth of humanity, we are moving rapidly in the direction where water shortage is a global threat. Estonian technology company Spacedrip has developed a solution that helps to deal with this problem by making wastewater drinkable. Compared to previous solutions that are significantly more resource-intensive, the water robots produced by them are more energy-efficient, more compact and can be controlled almost entirely remotely.

The solution produced by Spacedrip has already caused sensation around the world, for example, water robots are in use in the US Army, and the first high-tech wastewater recycling system was launched in Nairobi in the spring, with the help of which up to 1,000 residents of Kenya’s central park were treated to clean water every day. The plan for the coming years is to expand rapidly to other parts of the world in order to actively fight against the global water shortage.

Last week we visited them to take a look at the production, get to know the company and discuss future plans, because clean water and its availability is a vital and increasingly acute issue in the defense and space sector. By the way, their own production works purely with the support of the same water robot, we were also able to test for ourselves whether the water is really suitable for drinking.