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The ConFoot-leg® is a Finnish invention that makes container handling very simple. An airsuspended truck brings a container to its location. The driver installs the legs in just a few minutes, lowers the trailer and drives away. The container is left to be unloaded or loaded.

Main advantages

  • The ConFoot-legs® are easy and light.
  • The ConFoot-legs® can be handled by just one person.
  • With ConFoot-legs® you do not need a crane to lift the container.
  • The ConFoot-legs® are adjustable.
  • The ConFoot-leg® is new possibility for logistics.

Technical Data

With the ConFoot-leg it is easy and simple to load and unload containers with only a normal truck and trailer. The lightsweight and simple structure makes one-man operations possible. The ConFoot-legs are attached to the four corners of the container, and as the truck’s air suspension is lifted the container is left standing on the ConFoot-legs.

One ConFoot-leg weights 24 kg and nominal height is 1043-1448mm. Maximum gross weight of container can be 30 t.