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The only truly integrated European defence company capable of designing and producing missiles and missile systems to meet the whole range of current and future needs of the three armed forces. It consists of a group with 10,000 employees working across France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Main Business, Products and Services

  • Air Dominance: Meteor, MICA, ASRAAM, SPEAR, Brimstone, Storm Shadow/SCALP, Taurus KEPD 350E, Viper-E
  • Ground Based Air Defence: Aster SAMP/T, ASPIDE 2000, CAMM, VL MICA, Spada, MISTRAL, MEADS
  • Battlefield Engagement: ERYX, MILAN ER, MMP
  • Maritime Superiority: SIMBAD-RC, MARTE mobile coastal, Albatros, ASTER 15 & 30, Brimstone Sea Spear, MILAS, OTOMAT MK2 Block IV, Sea Ceptor, Sea Ranger, Sea Venom/ANL, VL MICA, Exocet

Company name :MBDA

Address :1 avenue Réaumur 92358, Le Plessis-Robinson Cedex, France

Contact telephone : +372 508 8125

General e-mail :indrek.raig( ät )

Web address :

Contact person

Name :Indrek Raig

Position :MBDA contact in Tallinn

E-mail :indrek.raig( ät )