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Guardtime AS is deep-tech system engineering company, engaged in R&D in hash-based cryptography, building core technology and value-added solutions that provide real-time situational awareness into the integrity of electron systems and data. Guardtime employs 200+ globally, 80% in R&D and has offices in US, EU and China.

Guardtime’s core technology – KSI Blockchain technology – enables its customers to know and be able to forensically prove whether any part of their systems or stored electronic data and logs have been changed. Guardtime’s_ KSI Blockchain technology has been accredited by US, EU and China regulators for deployment on to government networks. Guardtime has developed commercial blockchain-based solutions for Verizon, Lockheed Martin, Ericsson, Estonian Health Information System, UK NHS, Governments (US, China, EU, Estonia, Netherlands, etc.)

Guardtime has decade of experience during deep-tech research into commercialproducts. Guardtime only blockchain-backed technology platform that is proven to work at scale, used in production by the US military and some of the largest companies in the world to solve data management challenges. For instance, Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain is the fundamental integrity substrate for the Estonian e-Government systems that have 2,000+ citizen services and is ranked as one of the most advanced in the world.

Main Business, Products and Services

Guardtime Cybersecurity is a business unit focused on productizing our technology stack for cybersecurity applications. Our flagship product MIDA is a completely new approach to security where every digital asset (firewall rules, configs, virtual machine images) are wrapped in a cryptographic container which provides the integrity and provenance information for that asset. Any change in that asset that is outside of policy can be detected and mitigated in real time in direct contrast to the traditional approach of  log analysis and anomaly detection.

Company name :Guardtime

Address :A. H. Tammsaare tee 60 11316, Tallinn, Estonia

Contact telephone : +372 655 5097

General e-mail :info( ät )

Web address :

Contact person

Name :Tanel Ojalill

Position :Innovation Project Manager

E-mail :tanel.ojalill (ät)