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Defendec has developed genuine monitoring camera with low power routing mechanism and communication protocol in it. This enables our equipment to be online and work up to 400 days without any human intervention. Equipment is used in more than 40 countries to monitor either borders, critical spots, infrastructure, etc.

We are committed to take this technology further and in the near future we will see new versions of AI algorithms applied to our cameras analysing and grouping the alarms and pictures and giving automatic reports and being able to identify what’s going on in picture (actionable information like illegal crossing, fly tipping, robbery, etc).

​Defendec has an in-house software & hardware design and production, thus enabling us to shorten development and product launch cycle.  All our technology is patented.

Main Business, Products and Services

Smartdec cameras and bridges being able to capture pictures, sending information over to command centre and analyzing picture content, staying alive up to 400 days on battery.

Company name :Defendec LTD

Address :Erika 14, Tallinn, ESTONIA

Contact telephone : +372 602 7995

General e-mail :info (ät)

Web address :

Contact person

Name :Indrek Jaaska

Position :CEO

E-mail :indrek.jaaska (ät)