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Biofire Ltd is the first Estonian company that is specialized to make and develop different/innovative Fire gels. We are able to make different gels, also different packages, considering all the specific needs of the client.

Main Business, Products and Services

Our mission is to replace dangerous liquid fuels with more safely gel fuels, to warm food, make safe fire on ovens,  safe open-air fire etc.

Product line:

  • Bioethanol-based fire gel
  • Chafing fuels
  • Fire gels for military use

Company name :Biofire

Address :Tornimäe tn 5, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Contact telephone : +372 58805037

General e-mail :info( ät )

Web address :

Contact person

Name :Urmas Habakukk

Position :CEO

E-mail :urmas( ät )