Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA) was founded in 2009 and represents leading defence and security industry companies in Estonia. Estonian Defence and Security Industry Innovation Cluster was first established in 2012. The new Defence Estonia Cluster was launched in 2019. At the moment, the cluster has 12 members:
Bristol Trust, CybExer Technologies, DefSecIntel Solutions, Guardtime, Milectria, Milrem, Nordic ArmourySemetron, Tactical SolutionsTerramilThreod Systems, and Estonian Defence Industry Association.

Defence Estonia Cluster is a network for international cooperation and export to enhance the cooperation between Estonian companies, R&D institutions and clients (triple helix). Cluster and its members participate in international projects and programs to increase export capability and sales of the Estonian companies on the defence and security markets.

The aim of the Defence Estonia Cluster is to promote innovation in the defence and security industry and to develop new and highly competitive products and services for export. The Clusters’ target is to increase the export volume of Estonian defence and security industry tenfold by the year 2029.

Defence Estonia Cluster has five focus areas:

  • COMPETENCE BUILDING – developing necessary skills and know-how;
  • MARKETS – improving export performance;
  • INNOVATION – cooperation with R&D Institutions, business development and participation in international projects and programs;
  • FINANCING – developing new financing sources for companies;
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS – creating a positive image of the Sector and boosting its visibility.

International cooperation partners of EDIA:

If you are interested to become a member, please write info( ät )defence.ee

Strategy of Defence Estonia Cluster

Defence Estonia Cluster activities are supported by European Regional Development Fund.

Estonian Defence & Security Industry Innovation Cluster was awarded with the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) in May 2017.

More information about the European Cluster Excellence Initiative can be found here.