EDIA featured on Estonian national TV morning talk show

EDIAs chairman of the board Mr. Kuldar Väärsi introduced defence industry solutions on the morning talk show “”Terevisioon”” hosted by the Estonian national TV network. Many working products and display models were also in the studio, including a multirotor by ELI, a jammer by Rantelon, a scaled model of the MMH mobile hospital solution by Maru & Semetron, a scale model of the UGV being developed by Terramil and a full size section of the mobile bomb shelter created by Terramil was placed outside of the studio.

Mr. Väärsi when on the say that a new solution or product directed at the defence and security marked is produced in Estonia every year. The last few years have seen this process gain momentum. Compared to other markets the defence sector can be more difficult for companies, as reaching deals can take significantly longer. In that regard a positive trend is visible as Estonian companies are networking more with international defence contractors to promote there unique products and ideas and cooperate in different acquisitions. Attracting international investments into the Estonian defence industry sector is also one of the big goals.

Mr. Väärsi also pointed out that Estonian companies have a very good makes position in the cyber security sector. This is illustrated by the success of companies like, Bytelife, Cybernetic and Vequrity. It is clear that Estonia will not be able to compete in heavy industry and mass production. Alternatively we should be drawing more on our national ITC capabilities to create further smart solutions for already existing products.