Defendec – company of the year 2015

Defendec was named the Estonian defence industry company of the year

Last years have been awarded enterprises Baltic Workboats AS ja Cybernetica AS.


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EDIA featured on Estonian national TV morning talk show

EDIAs chairman of the board Mr. Kuldar Väärsi introduced defence industry solutions on the morning talk show “”Terevisioon”” hosted by the Estonian national TV network.  Read more

World Affairs Journal on Estonian Contractor Startups idea

One can make the case that a bit of startup mentality is exactly what the defense industry needs. After all, it took an Estonian startup called Skype to show the world that international phone calls don’t need to be expensive. Indeed, it’s strange that armed forces haven’t already introduced self-driving tanks.

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Foto: Stephan Röhl


Skeleton Technologies, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, graphene-based ultracapacitors, has won the ECO15 London Award. Part of the Ecosummit 2015 conference in London, the award recognises the best “smart green startup” in Europe.

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2015/2016 EDIA catalogue now avaliable online

 We are glad to announce that our latest refreshed 2015/2016 catalogue is available for viewing and download  HERE.


Terramils mobile underground shelter featured on Defence One

The international online defence and security review magazine Defence One has featured Estonian defence industry company Terramil and its mobile underground shelter in a full article. Terramil is showing its latest underground shelter model at DSEI 2015. Defence One points out that the solution is unique due to its lego like construction and the amount of protection provided by a simple plastic solution.

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Milrem unveils UGV platform at DSEI 2015

The UGV is developed to be used in environments that would be hazardous or hostile for people. For example war zones and different natural disaster areas that would be difficult to reach.

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Defendec presentation at Trends and Opportunities in the US market seminar

The Estonian chamber of commerce in cooperation with the Estonian embassy in Washington held a seminar titled “Trends and opportunities in the US market” on the 26th of August. The aim of the seminar was to provide Estonian companies with information in regards to entering the US market and identefinig different opportunities there. Presentations were given on the following topics: Estonian US relations, the current economic climate in the US, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and opportunities for start ups.
Mr Jaanus Tamm, CEO of Defendec participated in the final block of the seminar and talked about the companies experience in the US market.

Vequrity participating in the 2015 Barclays acceletator in New York

The program is a FinTech-focused collaboration between Barclays and Techstars. Having run two successful programs in London, they have now expanded there presence to New York. The aim of the program is to support entrepeneurs shaping the future of financial services and more.

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